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A foray into Facebook and other things…

I hope everyone is keeping well.

The month of February has been another busy one for me and my team.  In this month’s blog, I’m going to be talking about a few things:

  • Our first Facebook appVisit A Friend
  • The latest release of our website
  • Feedback from you
  • Updates to TrainTracker
  • Some good news!

This month we launched our first Facebook application – Visit a Friend which allows you to plan journeys to your friends and events.  In order for the journey to work, you’ll need to ensure that you have a location in your profile, and that the person/event you’re visiting does too.   Why don’t you have a go and plan some journeys – let us know via the “Contact” link at the bottom of the app if you’ve got any issues.

Thanks for your emails since the last blog. I’ve also had quite a bit of feedback about adverts covering our content.  We’ve just released our latest set of website updates which resolves the majority of these problems.   This release has also included improvements to the station information pages – we’re now showing all of the information we hold about each of the country’s stations.  We’re still without the new bus maps as we’re waiting for updated versions from our supplier.

Contact UsI’ve received comments about the Rangers and Rovers information being unavailable.  I’d like to apologise about that – we’ve made some changes now and the A-Z is now fully populated and the maps are there showing each ticket’s validity area.

I’ve even had a couple of emails complaining that there isn’t a feedback form on the site: I love feedback so I can assure you that there has always been and there still is a feedback form, just click on Contact Us which is at the bottom of every page (as shown in the picture above).

TrainTrackerThere have also been some improvements made to TrainTrackerTM to improve our information during disruption – these changes mean that if your journey is disrupted the service will let you know straight away.  TrainTrackerTM uses speech recognition which lets you say what you want.  It then looks up train times from our Live Departure and Arrivals Boards and our real time journey planner and speaks this information to you.  If you haven’t used it before, why not give it a go?

Stations Made EasyTo close with some good news – I’m really pleased our Stations Made Easy tool has been recognised by the National Cycle Rail Awards for the Most Innovative Approach to Rail Cycle Integration.  Stations Made Easy was launched recently to allow you to plan your journeys around a station for example from a particular entrance to the platform your train departs from.  If you had difficulty with steps, our Stations Made Easy can advise you of routes which avoid steps, or which have ramps.  It also contains over 1.5million pictures of stations, which will help you find your way at an unfamiliar station.

As before, send your feedback through to me at