National Rail Enquiries

Hello everyone, I hope that you are all enjoying what appears to be the first signs of Spring in the air.  I think we’d all forgotten what sunshine looked like!  In this month’s blog I’m going to be talking about:

  • The benefits of registering
  • Network Rail’s potential strike

I’ve also had some feedback asking why we don’t have certain functionality, which we do – you just have to register to use it!  Since our new website went live, we’ve seen an increase in 141% in the number of registered users that we have, so I thought it might be worthwhile running through some of the benefits of registering.

When you register, the first thing you do is tell us your Home station and your Work station – this is so that we can tailor what we show you, according to what time of day it is.  The next step is to tell us some information about you, your name, email address etc..

Once you’ve registered, you’ll see a different homepage – in place of the Travel Centre, you’ll see a Live Departure Board for your home and work stations.  If you’re looking in the morning, you’ll see a departure board for home to work.  If you’re looking in the afternoon, you’ll see departures for your journey home.  Our aim is that you find what you need without having to search for it.

You may also have noticed a change tothe Find my train times and fares box at the top of the page.  My journeys holds information about journeys you’ve planned recently, or journeys you’ve chosen to save.  The recent journeys are automatically stored by the system, but you can choose which journeys you want to save by clicking on Save Journey once you’ve got your train times.

Why don’t you register now to take advantage of these features?

It’s been hard to avoid in the news the fact that some Network Rail staff belonging to the RMT and TSSA unions have voted in favour of strike action.  My team spent the last week of March working on getting the information into our systems to enable you to plan your journeys.  Following the high court suspending the action, we were able to get our systems back up to date showing the original planned timetable.

We’ll keep watching over the next few weeks to see whether the unions are able to resolve their dispute with Network Rail without industrial action.  As and when we have any further information, we’ll make it available on our website.