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We’ve made some further changes to the website in response to your feedback.  Since our redesigned website went live late last year, we’ve experienced a few problems with our advertising and the way it appears, sometimes covering up text.  Obviously, this wasn’t sustainable, and I took the decision to bite the bullet and bring our advertising in house, rather than using an external supplier.

This will give NRE a lot more control over how we use advertising which will eliminate the issues I’ve highlighted on this blog previously.

My team has also implemented a new feature as part of our journey planner to allow you to choose to “include slower trains”.  By default, the journey planner is set to return the fastest journey results, however if you click this option, you will also be shown slower journeys that don’t require you to change trains.  If you don’t mind changing and just want to get there as quick as possible, just leave the box unticked.

Of course if you just want the cheapest possible ticket then you can use the Cheapest Fare Finder just below the main journey planner area.

We’ve launched an upgrade to our TrainTrackerTM Text system.  For those of you that don’t know, TrainTrackerTM Text is a real-time text based journey planning tool that allows you to get train times and train running information to your mobile phone.  All you have to do is send a text and the response will give you train times for your journey, their status: on time, delayed or cancelled and platform numbers (where available).

The changes we’ve introduced now allow you to reply to the message you’ve received saying “earlier” or “later”.  So if your journey to the station is going to get you in slightly earlier or later than you originally thought, you don’t have to type out the full journey query again.

For more details about how to plan your journey via TrainTrackerTM Text visit our website which includes step by step instructions and a handy simulator so that you can have a go!

And finally, a special mention for a very worthwhile cause.  One of my team, Duncan Henry recently completed the marathon in Mainz, Germany on behalf of the Railway Children.  The Railway Children has been working since 1993 to help street children around the world.  National Rail Enquiries is a keen supporter of the Railway Children who we raise funds for through events like the 3 Peaks by Rail.

This is Duncan’s first ever marathon and he admits it was much harder work than he realised, but he did excellently, smashing his target of 4 hours by a whopping 25 minutes.  So well done to him!  If you’d like to read more about Duncan’s exploits, or donate some money to the Railway Children, please visit his website.

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  1. Months ago, I complained that whilew you clearly piosted ‘Service Disruptions’, you did not post’Cleared Disruptions’.

    After assuring the person who replied that I did not hate the new layout and in fact liked it, I was assured that the ‘Cleared Disruptions’ would be restored.

    Almost three months ago, and surely you have cleared one or two disruptions? Thus, why not tell us? In short, one can cklick on ‘Cleared Disruptions’ until one wears one’s finger to the bone, but no clearances. I tell potential travellers in the US and Canada about the British railway system and recommend your site. Please don’t make my life difficult.

    • Hi Syd

      I’m sorry it’s taken much longer than it should have done to get the Cleared Service Disruptions page restored. Our team have been working hard on solving issues raised and this one has been missed.

      However, rest assured, it’s currently fixed in our development environment and will be part of the next batch of upgrades to the site. I’ll drop another comment once I have a release date.


  2. I posted about the new NRE design back last December ( and it’s nice to see that the NRE team haven’t sat around doing nothing, being content with the site. It’s clear the NRE grasp the website is a living thing and that you need to keep it alive and moving to make the most of it.

    Well done on the changes – heres to many more

  3. Hi Chris
    all interesting stuff on here.
    I have a question about the maps events. Regret I’d love to take part as I’ve used the NR national rail map for use on our website; but Thursdays are out of it so cannot attend:-( Any other option for an input into this debate -think I may have a few great ideas?
    Community Rail Officer

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