National Rail Enquiries

You may recently have seen a request on our website asking you to participate in a customer satisfaction survey.  This survey asked over 2000 users of the website about their reaction to the re-design and their opinions on proposed enhancements.

Firstly, thank you so much if you participated! We find this kind of research invaluable in shaping how we take the website forward.  The research has shown that speed of the website is the biggest concern.  The good news is that my team is undertaking a programme of work to resolve this.  The first batch of improvements is due next week (22nd September) assuming testing goes to plan. The team tells me that so far results have shown good improvements in speed especially for those using the Internet Explorer version 6 browser – and it’s those customers who have been most affected.

We’re also making some other changes to the homepage and journey planner as a result of your feedback through these surveys – it’s been reported that some have found the station information difficult to find – so we’re making that more obvious. In the meantime you can search for the station you need here.  We’ve also made changes to the homepage to advertise our Facebook page and Twitter accounts which are helping us to get information out to passengers when it’s needed.

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  1. I travelled with my family and a German friend from LOndon Euston last Saturday after 8pm on the Northampton Train we requested to get off at Wolverton BUT the doors failed to open so we ended up in Northampton and had to wait 45 mins for the return train. I have filled in your so called Coments Form but to no avail. There was no guard on the train!!! So what should I have done ???Please can you have the manners to respond because the comments forms has been ignored. Kathy Reynolds

  2. (Posted 7-11-11)

    The long suffering travelling public dont need mobile phone alerts(what about old people who cant use them?) whats needed is better information on stations e.g.was sitting on the 19:30 Virgin swervice to London Euston last night, finallly left at 19-45 came to a stand outside the station two trains past by to BNS (one a RHTT!)
    we then crawled to Coventry behind a stopper result 15 mins late @Euston=missed connection thanks. Also why does it take over 24 hours to repair overhead wire damage at Penkridge?

    • Hi Andrew,

      Apologies for the delay in replying. We have a number of customers who find the alerts very useful, our intention is to provide the information across a multitude of channels. In addition we have customers of all ages who use both the website, mobile alerts, and social media.

      With regard to information at stations, I’m afraid you’d need to contact the train company concerned to voice your issues. Virgin Trains can be contacted through their website:


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