National Rail Enquiries

As I promised in my last blog, we’ve now launched another upgrade to our website which includes:

  • Journey planning between London Underground zone 1 and National Rail stations
  • Improvements to the speed of the website
  • Changes to the station information pages

You can now plan journeys to or from London Underground Zone 1 stations. Simply type the name of your station in, and you’ll see the underground icon next to the station name as in this picture.

If you then click on the journey details we’ll even tell you which underground line(s) you need to catch.  We also provide a link to our tube service updates page which shows whether there are any delays on London Underground lines.

This upgrade has also seen the first tranche of our Speed programme, the goal of which is to improve website responsiveness.  These changes have seen an improvement of up to 60% for those who are using Internet Explorer version 6.  Research has shown that those using IE6 have been most affected by speed issues.  There are further tranches of the Speed programme planned over the next few months that will tackle other areas to increase the website’s speed.

As part of this upgrade we’ve also reinstated a number of station information fields which had become lost as part of our redesign.  Feedback from you has shown that you’ve found it difficult to find the station information, so we’ve also renamed the ‘About your journey’ section to ‘Stations & on train’ which is hopefully less ambiguous.

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  1. Hi Les

    Thanks for your comment, the data is available to all of our licencees for incorporation into their mobile applications. We’ve passed on the requests that we’ve received direct to the developer (in the case of the iPhone app – Agant Ltd) so that they can decide if there is a market for the info.


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