Free alerting and ability to share journey plans

I hope that everyone had a good Easter and Royal Wedding bank holiday break. During the week between Easter and the Royal Wedding, we launched a major update to the website.

Those of you that use the website regularly may already have noticed one of the changes, on the homepage, you’ll see a new “Passengers” icon within the journey planner. This is because, if you’re planning a journey more than 48 hours in advance, we’ll direct you straight to the fares information. If you’re planning a journey for more than one passenger, or want to use a railcard, or travel first class, you can click on the Passengers icon to get access to these features:

Passenger details on the homepageAdd passengers, railcards, and class preferences on the homepage

Once you’ve made the changes you need – or if you’re happy with a single passenger clicking on Go, will take you directly to your fares and journey information.

Free Journey Alerts

We’ve built on our Alert Me, SMS alerting services for delays to journeys to expand it to allow distribution of Subscribers can receive alerts by email and Twittermessages by Email and now by Twitter too for registered users. If you’re not registered with our website, you can register here. Once you’ve registered, or if you’re already signed into the website, you can sign up for Email or Twitter alerts via any journey plan, or via the Alert Me journey planner. Then once you’ve planned the journeys you want to be alerted on, just tick the Email or Twitter checkboxes! You can sign up with Twitter via their website, follow us, and we’ll send you Direct Messages about disruption to the journey(s) you’ve planned. You can even choose to receive notifications from Twitter about Direct Message via SMS to your phone – information about this, and any charges are available from Twitter. As with the normal SMS service, you can choose whether you receive the alerts once, on weekdays, or for up to 12 weeks – you can do this via the “Configure Alerts” section of the Alert Me journey planner.

Sharing Journey Links

Finally, I’m pleased to announce that the format of the web address for our journey planning pages. In Plain English, this means that the journey planner uses explicit dates and stations – rather than a random code, so you can share journey plans with your friends or colleagues. It’s also useful if you want to bookmark a page for your journey to or from a station. For example, if you regularly travel from London Euston to Manchester Piccadilly, in the evening, you can bookmark:

Web address for journey plans reflects your journey details

Try planning a journey and see it for yourself in your browser’s address bar.

As always, I’m keen to hear your feedback – which you can provide to me via the website.

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  1. I checked the plan journey.
    I would like to know on ow to make the plan for a multiple journey. for example Leamington spa – Birmingham – Coventry. Thank you

  2. The new website does not display correctly in Google Chrome unfortunately so I would like you to make it compatible with other browsers and not just IE 9 please. Apart from that, its an attractive layout and very easy to use. I like it!

  3. dear sir
    i am amazed that there are has not been any injuries; fatalities around the chester railway station; getting across the road to bus stops; dodging taxis; the railway link bus; cars coming in and out of the road parking up; and feel a study should be undertaken; especially at peak times trying to cross from getting off the bus from wrexham to chester; pub on corner; cars wizz round on right hand side; and think this should be looked into; thank you julie walker

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