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Viewing the full site from a mobile device

Hello, Kathryn from NRE here, posting a quick guest slot to update you on some progress.

The good news is that on Thursday (hopefully by lunchtime) you’ll be able to access the full NRE website on mobile devices.

I’m sorry for the time this has taken to resolve, but we wanted to make sure that it worked as smoothly as possible. From then you’ll be able to click on a “Full Site” link at the bottom of the mobile website – we’ll also remember your preference for future visits. If you want to change this back to the mobile version, you can clear your cookies or click on “Mobile Site” from the bottom of the page.

We have some further updates coming at the end April incorporating some more of your feedback, more news on that in the next few weeks.

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  1. On a recent trip from Hastings to Gatwick Airport, 4th March 2012, at Haywards Heath passengers were asked to abandon the train and get taxis if their destination was Gatwick Airport, to avoid missing their flights. Passengers were not offered any alternative service by the rail staff.
    The taxi fare cost £37.50, are National Rail going to recompense me for this fault in their service?

  2. Hi NRE Kathryn

    I am a frequent user of NRE mobile site, however I have inadvertenly swapped my mobile device to full site, but would like to swap back to mobile site. I found this post when I searched help, however I don’t seem to have a ‘mobile site’ link at the bottom of the page, nor do I know how to clear my cookies. Would you be able to offer some advice?

    Kind reagards from Kathryn (a regular NRE user!)

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