National Rail Enquiries

New look homepage & number 1 for use of Twitter in Social Brands 100

By now you will hopefully have discovered our new look homepage! As promised in the March blog, the changes we’ve implemented have been specifically as a result of feedback given by customers through our Customer Relations & Social Media channels.

Amongst the changes that have been introduced to the website are:

  • Improvements to addition of returns & railcards
  • Making it easier to change your journey requirements
  • Increased visibility of favourite / recent journeys
  • Live Tweets in the latest travel news pages

Our new look journey planner

I’m confident that these changes will make using the website even easier. The live tweets being shown as part of the latest travel news is a fundamental change to the way we present information during disruption. In addition to the existing information about the extent of the problem and its impact on the train service, the website now shows messages sent through Twitter by NRE and other reputable sources (e.g. Network Rail / Train Operating Companies / multiple customers). This new feature will allow you to see how the disruption evolves and have access to a greater level of detail about it. Bear with us over the next few weeks as I’m sure the process for publishing tweets will evolve.

I’m delighted to announce that National Rail Enquiries were announced the No. 1 brand for use of Twitter in Headstream’s Social Brands 100 list published on 29th May. At NRE, we’re constantly striving to improve the provision of information through all our channels including social media, so it’s a boost to see our efforts being recognised. We were also placed first in their measurement of timeliness to respond via Twitter.

NRE were placed 36th in the overall use of Social Media which represents our lack of presence on some of the other social networks. The judges were looking at brands that not only promoted themselves, but who were seen to care about their customers & provide an excellent level of service. We’re going to look to expand our reach over the next year whilst improving what we’re offering customers and hopefully in next year’s list we’ll do even better!

Finally, let me finish by wishing you a very happy long weekend. If you’re out and about by train celebrating the Diamond Jubilee, you might like to visit our Jubilee page ( which summarises how each train company is affected.

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  1. Everytime I try abd book a rail journey this silly blog comes up and I have to start all over again. How can I stop this?

  2. How long is assumed necessary to cross London? My regular journey suddenly got even longer according to the National Rail website.

    I assumed that my regular train was no longer running and planned to set off earlier however it turns out that it’s calculating 1 hour 5 mins from Kings Cross St. Pancras to Paddington due to the current weekend necessity of travelling via Oxford Circus.

    TFL calculates it as an 18 min journey running every 3 mins. I realise that you have to build in safety time but this appears excessive from my point of view.

    • Hi Robert, the journey planner allows time to get from your train to the underground platform, make your journey on the underground and then get to the departure platform for your train. TfL’s journey planner doesn’t include the transfer time.

      However – within the advanced search options of the journey planner you can specify to “Allow less time to transfer through London” which will be less pessimistic about how long the journey will take. I hope that this option works for you.

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