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Announcing the National Rail Enquiries app for iPad!

As we are approaching the busy summer months, we have some exciting news to make your journey planning easier. I am thrilled to announce National Rail Enquiries app for iPad which was released to the App Store recently.

Live Services

The app includes all you’d expect from National Rail Enquiries including:

  • The ability to plan your journey using our real time journey planner and purchase tickets
  • ‘Get me home’ which finds the nearest stations to your location & allows you to plan quickly whilst on the go
  • ‘Live trains’ which has live departure and arrival information from across all GB rail stations.
  • Station information is available where you can find a map to the station you’ve chosen along with the address & station facilities. You can save station as your favourite to quickly return to it.
  • In the alerts panel, you have the ability to view journey-specific or disruption alerts for a route which
    you have set up.
  • Alongside this you can switch to alerts from National Rail Twitter feeds which you can tailor to your train company as required. This is so that you can be kept up to date with the latest information on your journey.
Travel Information Twitter
The interchangeable panels allow you to tailor the information you see and switch between screens:

Interchangeable Screens

You can download our new iPad app from here and let us know how you get on with it via our online community.

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  1. Useless – the download is a phone-size display and doesn’t self-orientate to the natural landscape format of the iPad

  2. Dear Chris,

    Congratulations on the launch of your iPhone app. Are you aware that Windows Phone (such as the Nokia Lumia) now comprise more than 7% of the smartphone user market in the Uk and is growing very rapidly (recently pedicted by market researchers Canalysis to equal iPhone in market share by 2017).

    As you must be aware, The Train Line dot com is currently the only provider of an app for Windows Phone. Unless you act now, it will be too late for you to make up lost ground. As a Windows Phone user – and a dedicated NationalRail Enquiries user who doesn’t want to lose you – can I ask you to devote the necessary resources to developing a Windows Phone app as soon as possible please.

    Kind regards
    Richard Milton
    02392 413292
    0798 251 1573

    • Hi Richard, thank you for your comment, apologies that it’s taken a while to respond. I’m now able to confirm that we will be producing an app for Windows Phone which will be available next year. More details will be announced on the blog when we have them.

  3. Hi Robert, if I buy a ticket with the app, do I have to print it out?
    This is what I can’t do as a tourist – or is it enough to show the iPad ticket on the train?
    best regards
    Tamas Ujlaki

    • Hi Tamas, tickets are purchased through 3rd party retailers, you can choose whether you want e-tickets, or to pick them up at the station, or have them posted to you depending on the ticket you’re buying and who you’re buying it from.

  4. Sorry, my response made no sense…….yes it is the ipad app which is great but the railcard bit seems a bit embedded in the process and not at the beginning which it usually is when I purchase tickets online, hence the confusion.

        • Hi Sheena, are you using the iPad app or the website?

          iPad from the home screen, click on show more on the planner menu, Add Railcard is in the top right. From the results, you have to click on Planner, and then show more, add railcard, then Go

          Desktop website, from the home page, click on “more options, passengers and railcards”, then choose your railcard from the drop down. From the results, click on Add railcard (top middle), choose your railcard, then click Add, then click Update prices.

  5. Great Ap but not accurate if research done abroad!

    Used the iPad ap while waiting for my flight at Zurich Airport so I could get home again in London. But the ap told me train times that were in the local time not in UK time, so intact I went for a train that was an hour earlier that I arrived! This needs to be updated so you are displaying times in UK time and not in any local time zones for the rest of the world as that isn’t helpful.

  6. I have just used the app, but could find no way to print the details once I got to the South West Trains part. Is the app print enabled, and if so, how do I do it

  7. I have downloaded app on my iPad. However I cannot add my favourite journies without opening ‘Location Services’ – how do I do this?

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