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An apology – problem with journey planning on our apps

I just wanted to write a quick message to apologise for a problem that we experienced on Tuesday of this week.

For 45 minutes from 15:45 until 16:30 on Tuesday 2nd July we had a problem with one of our journey planning databases whilst we were conducting some maintenance on it. The impact of this problem was that journey planning through our apps (for Android, iPad, iPhone etc.) didn’t work and the issue also affected apps and websites provided by some of our customers.

It did not affect journey planning on our websites ( or

We have since been working and continue to work with our technical team to ensure that this doesn’t happen again. Once again, please accept my apologies for any inconvenience this caused you.

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  1. Well it isn’t working on your website ( this afternoon because half the stations starting with C are missing

  2. it is still not working, cannot book tickets either from my laptop or my iPad and could not book tickets at the Folkestone Central station on Wednesday!! What are you doing?

    • Hi Vera, please can you let me know they journey you were making, did you get any errors? We have no control over the ticket offices, so you’d need to contact Southeastern directly to find out why you couldn’t book tickets at the station.

  3. Not sure that this is the correct place for this comment but don’t know how else to query the fact that every journey I try to plan from windsor and eton riverside starts with….walk to windsor and eton central!

    • Hi Irene, our journey planner returns by default the fastest journeys, which in your case are often via Windsor & Eton Central. If you wish to go from W&E Riverside, then you can choose Direct Trains only, or to avoid W&E Central via the journey planner Advanced Options.

  4. Dear Sirs,
    On the 6th July 2013 my wife and myself traveled to Cambridge having purchased tickets prior to travel at £15.40 each. The trip was comfortable, in a clean, air conditioned carriage. However on the return trip at 20.04 from Cambridge to Liverpool Street, the carriage was dirty, unkempt and insufferably hot as it lacked any form of air conditioning, and the day was very hot. I asked a member of staff if any other carriage was equipped with air conditioning but he simply apologised saying that it was old stock. I do not see why I should have to pay full fare for travel in second rate carriage when modern modes of travel is available, as on the trip to Cambridge.
    I look forward to your early response.

    Yours faithfully,

    D.A. Cohen..

  5. Hi..i have been trying to book tickets for a week now and i am still unable to do so, as it will not link out to soutth eastern. I have also done it via your telephone system and your computer crashed and i was told to ring back in 48 hours. I have called again today and been told the issue with linking to south eastern isn’t your problem Not great customer service to be honest and i am losing patience with this

      • It was just when you click buy tickets, it gives an error that the carrier cannot be found

        You put in your journey details then click the button buy tickets

        Then it should link out to south eastern. It seems to have been sorted now, as i have just tried it and it works.

        The worst issue here is your customer service, as i have spoken to them four times reporting this issue. I shouldn’t have to log something on a blog for someone to look into this. I appreciate your reply and for offering to help me on this issue


        • Glad the original issue is fixed, but am sorry that you’ve had trouble with our customer service department. If you’d like to email me (blog[at] with details of when you called, what number you called from, I will ask our customer relations manager to look into it for you.

  6. Hello,

    Since updating the national rail app (Android Nexus 4) about a month ago – it has been significantly worse for me. The app frequently crashes on start up and is very slow to navigate while in the page. It was perfect before the update and is now almost unusable. My colleague (also on Nexus 4) also has the same issue. Am I alone in this with my phone type? Is there a solution for me?


  7. Hi. I have a constant issue with the Android version of your application. If I haven’t used it for 10 minutes or so when I do come to use it it fails to start. I get the blue screen but no logo. After a minute or so I get the normal Android crash screen. It will then start. I try to always submit the crash report. Please fix as it is frustrating having to wait 2 to 3 minutes when trying to determine the next train.

  8. Chris. Still not working. Actually it never works. Instead of spreading many words, can you guys get it fixed.

    Train tickets are expensive enough that we expect some decent service!

  9. Hi, the info on cyclists using train is v.interesting. I am doing the London ride 100 in august. Will I be able to get home after the event by train with my bike from Victoria to Three Bridges?


  10. completely unable to book train tickets for London tomorrow via full website….what’s going on I have been trying since 12pm and I just keep getting the message”There is a problem with the page you are trying to access.
    It is possible that it was either moved, it doesn’t exist or we are experiencing some technical difficulties.
    We are sorry for the inconvenience.”

  11. Well your app on my android tablet is still not working and has not done so for a couple of weeks now. I have uninstalled and reinstalled to no avail. Perhaps you can investigate.

  12. Whenever I have tried to perform a Journey Planner search using the app (for iPhone) today I’ve received a message saying:

    “UNABLE TO RETRIEVE SEARCH RESULTS. The operation couldn’t be completed. (JourneyPlanner error -4010.).”

    What caused this and when will the app be operational again?

  13. Attempting to use your app this afternoon and evening to buy tickets however it goes through to book tickets but have no confirmation of booking on first attempt and on second attempt nothing happened? Why do I have no confirmation and do not wish to have booked my tickets twice

  14. Hi bought a ticket last night using the app on an iPad had problems with the payment card and tried another, even when I got to the end of the process there’s no online confirmation to say you have now paid for your tickets or thank you for your purchase. When I looked in my emails I see I now have paid for them same journey twice at £67 each, as advanced tickets there non refundable..
    No phone lines are open yet but I’m stressed at the thought this is one of those “sorry sir computer says no” scenario’s.

    Alan Daniels

  15. Do you know if there is going to be an update to the software? i still book my train tix, sometimes it works and sometimes i get errors. it is convenient to have on my cellie.

  16. National Rail app won’t open – shows front-screen then drops out. However, when double-click to show all open apps, National Rail displays an old journey-planner which it’s not possible to cancel or move from, only to close app & attempt reopen, which goes around in this circle again. I’ve tried switching phone off in between, but same still occurs.

  17. Anything to do with loading station information crashes the app, please help. I am using the Android free version, on Android version 5.1.1, I am using the Oxygen launcher 2.1.0 on the phone OnePlus Two. I also have an Apple version which I paid for previously (evidence can be provided), however I am now moving over to Android, hence will I have to purchase again or can my purchase be transferred?

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