All change in the Cheapest Fare Finder!

In this post, I am going to tell you about some changes to our website and mobile apps. We have been carefully listening to customer feedback, and we are pleased to announce that we have recently put live a new release of our website and mobile apps.

Updates to the Cheapest Fare Finder

Have you noticed our Cheapest Fare Finder is new and improved?

Previously, the Cheapest Fare Finder allowed you to search across a 4 hour window for a single train operating company at a time. You told us that you wanted to be able to search across the whole day and wanted to see fares offered by a variety of train companies. You also wanted to be able to do your outward and return queries at the same time.

With the changes we’ve made, you can search across the whole day and across all train operating companies that run on the particular route you’ve chosen.

New look Cheapest Fare Finder

The Cheapest Fare Finder will return the cheapest through-fares (i.e from A to B that can be made with one ticket) available on that day.

You can also now plan return journeys so planning that trip away for work or leisure becomes that little bit easier.

To access the Cheapest Fare Finder, simply visit this page and input your journey details.

Updates to the App for Android and iPhone

I’m pleased to announce that we’ve recently released some changes to the apps for Android and iPhone which we’ve made as a result of your feedback.

Buses & ferries within Live Trains

A common comment we received was that when viewing the Live Trains section of the app, it was sometimes difficult to navigate between Trains / Buses and Ferries, with the result that sometimes customers didn’t realise that buses were available, or sometimes trains were missed.

If you look at Live Trains now, you’ll see that the filter for transport mode is now gone and instead, all modes of transport are available on the same screen; instead of a platform number, you will see the image of a bus or a ferry where relevant.

Buses and ferries in LDB

app - menuChanging your journey

Another comment we have received is that in order to see the live departures / arrivals for another station, you would have to go back and make a change there. We have now changed this so you can now edit your selection on the page.

Improved navigation

Rather than a single menu bar at the bottom of the app, the navigation menu at the bottom of the app is now expandable.

The idea is that this will make the app easier to navigate and will allow you to access functions more simply. From this expanded menu, you can now access:

  • station information
  • alerts you’ve set up
  • favourites you’ve saved (stations / journey plans or live trains requests)

As we add more functions, we’ll add these to the menu!

You can download our Android app from the Google Play store and our iPhone app from the App Store and let us know how you get on with it via our online community.

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