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Exciting News to Share!

Hi all, I have some exciting news I wanted to share with you all this month.

Flying High


Hopefully many of you are aware that National Rail Enquiries is on Twitter, providing 24/7 assistance for travel disruption. So I am thrilled to share with you that National Rail Enquiries’ Twitter account was the second fastest responding brand on Twitter worldwide this quarter. The report from Social Bakers placed us at number 2 with an average response time of 6 minutes. We were also placed again at number 6 for our NRE East Coast Twitter account. You can read their blog and find out more information here. If you’re on Twitter, don’t forget to follow us.

News flashes for UK rail traveller



 If you ‘Like’ us on Facebook you may have seen this picture crop up in your Facebook timeline recently. On 23rd July railway equipment near Manchester Piccadilly station was struck by lightning which caused major disruption to trains to and from the station. Luckily, this was caught on camera by a member of the public. The National Rail Communication Centre, which is responsible for publishing the disruption information on our website, included it as a link within the disruption item, so that passengers could see evidence of the cause of their delays.

Journalist Simon Calder highlighted it as his picture of the week. We subsequently shared the item via the NRE Facebook page and received over 40k views, 400+ likes and 400+ shares, which more than doubles our previous highs. If you’re on Facebook you can ‘Like’ us to be kept up to date.

Your Pics

We’ve started posting the station picture submissions we’ve received to go on our Station Pages. If you haven’t yet submitted any pictures, you’ve still got time. We’ll be uploading photos to our station pages soon, but our plan is to keep refreshing them over time as we receive new entries. Info about how to submit a picture is here.

One of my team completes Ride London

Whilst caught up in post London 2012 enthusiasm Kathryn Daniels who works in the Information Team at NRE as Information Development Manager, heard about a ‘Ride London’cycle ride Boris Johnson was organising as part of the Olympic legacy. Kathryn was a Games maker at the Aquatics Centre for the London 2012 Olympics and was keen to get involved.


The cycle ride was 100 miles roughly following the route of the Olympic road race. To Kathryn’s delight in February she found she had got a place and had to start cycling properly if she was to have a hope of completing the course within the 9 hour time limit. Over the next 6 months Kathryn spent many of her weekends going for cycle rides across the country, building up the distance and working out how to do hills.

Kathryn ended up finishing 1hr ahead of her planned time and finished before Boris! So far Kathryn has raised nearly £1800 for Cancer Research UK, a great achievement. You can sponsor Kathryn at or read more about her exploits here.

In keeping with Kathryn’s motivation, we’d like to ask what you think her next challenge should be? Let us know in the comment section below.

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  1. Don’t use either Face book or Twitter, but thanks for your email anyway. Wouldn’t touch either of them with barge pole !

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