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Some changes to our Contact Centre

Hi all, this month, I wanted to let you know about some changes to our contact centre. Since we began National Rail Enquiries, communication methods have evolved at a fast rate and our offering has evolved in order to allow us to keep up with these changes. From the launch of our first website, to TrainTracker Text, to Social Media and apps, we always look for new ways to bring you the information about your journey. Even in this fast paced, technology-focused world we live in, our contact centres are hives of activity and our current predicted call volumes are 3.6 million calls for this year.

National Rail Enquiries Contact Centre

In order to continue to bring you the best service we can (our average waiting time is currently 27 seconds), we have implemented some changes to increase the level of our customer experience. Previously, we had two centres based in Mumbai and Delhi but we have consolidated our contact centres into one site in Mumbai.

Working in a hectic contact centre, we need to ensure that our staff are fully up to date. We have introduced new innovative training plans which includes our new refresher programme. This quarterly programme ensures that our staff are well-informed and able to provide you with the best levels of service. We have also made some changes to the contact centre environment such as introducing a dedicated floor walking team who are there to assist with more complex queries. The working environment has also changed – desks are laid out differently, there is new IT to help the team do their jobs better and an elevated ‘command centre’ where the manager can see what’s going on across the floor. Ensuring our contact centre is up to date with the latest technology and telephony systems allows us to deliver you the customer the best customer experience. This is illustrated by our latest satisfaction scores with our customer satisfaction score at 87% and with 84% of our customers stating they would recommend us to a friend.  You can read more about our customer satisfaction results on the website.

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  1. Ever since removing NRES from the ClientLogic contact centre in Derby, the quality, reliability, and dependability from the non-UK contact centre’s, as been sub-par, with many of the agents having little to no useful knowledge of the UK, or many issues in regard to legible English.

    Do yourselves a favour, bring the contact centres back to the UK, where a proper service can be ran, which would be a credit to yourselves.

  2. This is great and with this development the long queue of customers who need your services will be gone. Good job.

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