National Rail Enquiries

Update from the recent St Jude’s day storm

The industry has carried out reviews of the provision of information to customers during St Jude’s storm. In the round, we believe we coped reasonably well.

However, there are always lessons to learn, and we are working with the train operators and Network Rail to improve upon the processes for providing information during such incidents.

I reported previously that on the morning of the storm, our services experienced some difficulties – this was due to the highest volume of traffic we had ever seen. We wanted to give you an update on the steps we have taken to make sure this doesn’t impact our customers again.

We have identified the root cause of the problem and applied fixes to avoid a reoccurrence. We are working with a new load testing company to help us identify any further issues and have arranged to carry out more elaborate load tests on all of our systems.  As well as this, we have put processes in place to avoid similar issues occurring in future.


tree on line south of moulinearn level crossing networkrailscot

During disruption, Social Media, especially Twitter, is used to show our customers the impact of the storm on the railway. Working alongside Network Rail, we shared multiple pictures of the fallen trees and debris across the line so customers could see what was causing the problems that day on the railway. We are working with our colleagues at Network Rail to put a robust process in place to provide impactful pictures more quickly.

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  1. Good to hear ‘lessons learned'(again!) and you’ve done something about them. If the system fails again in such spectacular style then I presume you will offer to resign.

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