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New arrangements for accessing live train information for developers

New arrangements for accessing live train information for developers

I’m delighted to announce that as part of the rail industry’s commitment to transparency, that we will from June 2014 be making it much easier for individuals and organisations to access and use train running information when developing apps and other online tools.

Until now, a number of organisations and developers that use the service have been charged.

Public sector organisations and small commercial or private users will now be able to access the Darwin system for free.

Only the biggest commercial or private users, whose services are used more than five million times by their customers in a four week period, will be considered high volume users and will be charged.

The free access granted to public bodies, including Transport for London, passenger transport executives and local authorities, will be regardless of how many requests for information their customers make.

For all users, a licence will no longer be required. Instead, there will be terms and conditions that the user accepts (there will be no approval process): this will make it quicker and easier to set up new services. This will come into effect from 1 June 2014, although the sign-up process will still be manual until the required technical changes have been made.

We’re making this change to encourage innovation in the field of providing train time information to customers. If you’re interested in using our information services, please get in touch via our Developers Forum on Linked In, or email


Other News

Updates to Android and iPhone apps

In other news, this month, we have released new versions of our iPhone and Android apps in order to fix some issues which were found on the smartphone apps.


  • Fixed an issue with permissions


  • Fixed an issue with the station selector affecting some iOS7 users
  • Fixed an issue with some station names appearing incorrectly

I’d like to apologise to any customers that were affected by any of these problems.


Real Time Information Outage

Recently we’ve experienced problems with real time information not being available. These issues affected our Online Journey Planner, Live Departure Boards and Train Tracker services.

We’ve had several incidents where we have lost connectivity to some of our data suppliers.  We are working with our partners to achieve a long term solution to the problem to ensure the ongoing stability of our connections.

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