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Updates on your feedback, work at London Bridge and a PLUSBUS survey

I hope everyone has been enjoying their summer holidays, although for the moment the Sun seems to have taken a break. In this blog I’m going to be giving some updates on feedback we’ve received over the last few months as well as telling you about major engineering work going on at London Bridge this month and a request to complete a survey about PLUSBUS.

Updates on your feedback

As you’re hopefully aware, National Rail Enquiries takes customer feedback very seriously. We collect feedback via a variety of sources: via email, telephone, social media or on our Community Forum. Whilst the feedback is acted upon as soon as we receive it, each month the team gets together to review the major themes coming through to see what the major issues were and work out a plan for resolving outstanding issues. The team also looks at feedback to come up with new ideas for changes that can be built into our ongoing programme of improvements.

Buying tickets

CaptureIn the next few blogs, I’m going to share some of the key themes coming through from your comments and what we’re doing about them. The first theme I’m going to talk about is buying tickets.

National Rail Enquiries has information about tickets available via all of the train operating companies in Great Britain. We search through all the fares to find you the cheapest through fare for the journey you’ve asked for. When you click Buy Now on our website, we pass you through to a train operating company website to complete the purchase.

Some of you have reported problems with this process and over the last few months we’ve been working with the train companies to identify the cause of these problems and work out a plan to resolve them. This is a long process as it requires changes both on our website and on the train company websites, but will be worth it in the long run. I will update you on this as our testing progresses but rest assured, we’ve listened to your comments and are acting upon it.

In the meantime, in the shorter term, we’re working on improving the error messaging on our website to give you better advice as to what’s gone wrong and what you can do about it. You can also get advice on our Community.

Major engineering work at London Bridge

As part of the Thameslink Programme, work has already started on rebuilding London Bridge station. When completed, London Bridge will have more through and longer platforms and a bigger concourse to cope with the 54 million passengers that go through each year.

Between Saturday 23 August and Sunday 31 August, part of London Bridge station will be closed and no First Capital Connect or Southern services will be calling at London Bridge. Southeastern services will be able to call as normal.

This will also affect Southern services to and from London Victoria and some other Southern routes, where an alternative timetable is running on most routes.

Further information on how this will affect your journey is available here and the timetable is up to date in our Journey Planner. Make sure you don’t get caught out and plan your journeys for the coming days.


Plusbus960Our friends from PLUSBUS are asking for rail travellers to complete a short survey so that they can better understand their customers and increase awareness of the opportunity to buy a combined Train+Bus+Tram ticket when you’re travelling around the country. You can fill in their survey by visiting this page.

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  1. I left my handbag in my husbands car and found myself stranded at Bristol parkway station without a ticket ,money or phone. The lady in the ticket office couldn’t have been more helpful and kept ringing my husband until he returned to the station. I want to thank the ticket office for their fantastic help and I hope they never close them. They are a very valuable asset .

  2. Being in the rail industry, if I want to see the choice of fares for a journey when I’m at work I can call up a list of all the available ticket types and fares. Clicking a few codes shows any time and other restrictions, and I can decide how much I am prepared or need to adjust my travel plans to get a reasonably-priced ticket. At home, I am reliant on the public NRE website, which is great at telling me what ticket I need for travelling at a specific time, but lousy at giving an overview of the choices available so I can decide when to travel. I end up inputting a variety of times until I have seen what appear to be all the options and worked out when are peak and off-peak times for that journey. Why can’t there be a “Show all ticket types” option?

  3. Hi Andrew, thanks for your suggestions. We are currently working on how to better display what trains you can travel on “off peak”, but it may interest you to know that you may see all ticket types available for a journey by selecting the “other tickets” option. Hope that helps.

  4. London Bridge Problems: I started working in Forest Hill just over 2 weeks ago, and the experience travelling from Charing Cross via London Bridge has been interesting. Invariably there have been some delays on both SouthEastern and Southern services. From CHX occasionally delays in departure up to 10 minutes between 08.00 – 09.00. It is at London Bridge that congestion outside the station is the main reason given for delays and cancellations. Monday and Tuesday this week has been particularly bad, with severe delays to incoming services leading to cancellation, or the late outgoing service running fast to e.g. Crystal Palace or East Croydon. Between 08.40 and 09.44 today (and similarly yesterday) there were no services that were stopping at the intermediate stations including Forest Hill. I appreciate that there are problems but congestion – absent any other problems like train defects, signalling, points etc – that appears to occur daily suggests that there are just too many services trying to be run. I’d also observe that when I checked before leaving home at around 08.20 this morning both Southern and SouthEastern’s web sites showed a good service!

  5. A really lousy train service this month frequently cancelled frequently delayed over crowded services how do you people manage to keep your jobs it’s a disgrace

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