Fun in Europe with Interrail

Here’s a little inspiration to give those itchy feet a extra tickle, from our friends at My Interrail…

My-InterRail-Logo-largeSo you are seeking a little travel adventure? Than an Interrail trip through Europe may just be the thing for you. With an Interrail Pass from My InterRail you can definitely make the most of budget friendly travel around the continent this year. There is so much to see, taste, learn and experience as you travel through the 29 countries covered by the Global Pass. And it’s highly likely that you will come away from it all with some amazing lifelong memories too. But you say you don’t have time to see so much of Europe in one go? Well we totally understand where you are coming from and that’s why the One Country Pass range is a great alternative for you, if you just wanted to focus 1 specific country rather than all 29.

You wonder why you should go on an Interrail adventure? Well there are so many reasons but our favourites are:

  1. One ticket will let you get around Europe by rail to see it all. From fun fiestas in Spain and chilled out days on the beach in Croatia to finger licking good food in Italy and dipping your toes just outside of Europe with a journey to Turkey, an Interrail Pass really covers it all.

    Where to next?

                               Where to next?

  1. It’s easy and reliable: With one of the best rail networks in the world getting around Europe should be easy, fast and without delay.
  1. Chill out, sit back and explore the unknown: When you travel by train chilling out and taking in the sites along the way is made easy. Europe’s trains take you past and through some great natural wonders and you can be sure that you will spot a place or two that you have never heard of before.

With an Interrail Pass the old continent definitely is your oyster too. And with prices starting from as little as £32*, this travel

adventure will not burn a hole in your pocket either.

So go on and explore all that Europe has to offer by rail this year and start planning your Interrail adventure with My InterRail now.

*price stated is for band 5 One Country Pass.

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