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Top Tips to get the most out of Glastonbury 2015 Festival


Are you one of the lucky few to bag yourself a ticket for Glastonbury 2015 this week? If you’ve got a spot of last-minute packing and planning to get done before the beer, bands and weather take over, then take a look at our top tips to make it to and through Glasto this year…

Plan and book your journey through National Rail Enquiries
Who wants to be stuck in traffic for hours and hours? If you’re pitching up at Glasto in a tent this year, you should definitely take a peek at our online journey planner and check out what fares are available to take you the festival and avoid those tail backs. Castle Cary is your nearest station to the site and you festival ticketholders can board a free shuttle bus running between Castle Cary Station and the Festival Bus Station throughout the Festival. The bus station is next to Pedestrian Gate A and operates from Wednesday to Monday.

Keep dryingBoots
Festival ticket? Check. Train ticket? Check. Now it’s time to get packing! Every year the weather threatens to dampen the spirits of even the most harden Glasto veteran, so it’s vital to come prepared.
If you can, camp on high ground and find yourself a decent, double skinned tent to keep your tent from being submerged in a downpour. Keep those tootsies dry with a good pair of wellington boots, essential for navigating the mud and puddles (along with the infamous portaloos…) These foldable Hunter wellies are perfect for taking up minimal space in your backpack and can be folded away and swapped for a pair of flip-flops if the sun decides to put in an appearance.

Keep clean
Hot showers are a hard to come by at any festival, so it’s important to make sure you’ve packed those must-have essentials to keep you as fresh and as fragrant as you can be. Top of the list for any festival goer, has to be the humble baby wipe. See if you can find the eco-friendly options, like these biodegradable wipes and keep your eco-credentials in check.

Dry shampoo is another great product to have on hand to spruce up the barnet between washes and give you that coveted bed-head look.

Keep in touch
Lost track of your mates between the falafel stall and the Pyramid stage? A mobile phone can come in handy for just these campingsituations, but by day three, your mobile phone battery will also certainly be dead. That’s when this little device can become
really useful. Pick up a wind up mobile phone charger like this and give yourself a few precious minutes of talk-time (and give those biceps a little workout too).

Keep full
All day brekkie in a tin? Might sound gross now, but it could be a welcome addition to your camping pantry on day four of camping and your wallet has taken a beating from those over-inflated food stalls prices. Protein bars are spot on for giving you that extra little boost and help you push on through the night.

Keep on snoozingSleep
Getting a decent night of shut-eye in a field surrounding by thousands of people with other plans, isn’t easy. But a little
planning can make all the difference. Tackle noisy neighbours with some ear plugs, like these on offer from Snore Store.

If you can, opt for a camping spot away from walkways, stalls and toilets and make sure you bring a roll mat, or even better, an inflatable mattress to give you a chance at a good night’s sleep.
It’s always a good idea to bring along an extra ground sheet of piece of tarpaulin to drape over your tent and block out that early morning light that can interrupt your precious sleep.

Let there be light!
Don’t forget to pack a torch to help you find your tent once the sun goes down. Always a fav at a festival, is the handy head torch, perfect for keeping those hands free to carry your toilet roll and hand sanitizer for a midnight trip to the lavvy. Needs must! This wind-up torch-cum-lantern is perfect for providing you with a little light in your tent to check for any stow-away beasties in your sleeping bag before hitting the hay for the night.

Just a few suggestions from us to you to help you on your way. We hope you all you lucky lot have a fab time at the festival and don’t forget that we’re on hand, should you need us over on Twitter @nationalrailenq to help you with all your train travel needs. Have fun!

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