Famous Railway Station Cats of Great Britain

Always there to lend a paw, here are some of the most famous felines to grace the UK’s railway stations and brighten the mornings of passengers across the country!


Name:                  Felix the Station Cat
Location:             Huddersfield Railway Station

Felix is actually female and after years of service at Huddersfield railway station, he has been given a promotion to Senior Pest Controller, complete with high-visibility vest and a name badge!

Names:                 Quaker & Oates
Location:              Kirkby Stephen East Railway Station

A black and white kitty duo


Name:                  Alfie
Location:             Rushden Transport Museum & Railway

A friendly ginger moggy, who loves nothing better than a spot of sunbathing on the platforms


Name:                  Keira
Location:             Livingston North Railway Station

Once a hugely popular member of the team at Livingston North Railway Station, Keira was a permanent fixture at the station, although she had a home and a loving owner nearby. Sadly, Keira can no longer be found delighting passengers, as she passed away in October 2014 and is sorely missed by all the passengers who met her.

Do you know of any more special station moggies that deserve a special mention?

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